Our Leadership Team 2020-2021

Our present Leadership Team continues to give guidance within our congregation.

We are heading into God's sure and certain future! New ideas--new vision casting--new directions--new missions--new ministries!
Executive Team Members:
President: Bob Flach
Vice President: David Lautt
Secretary: Candie Thompson
Team Members:
Chuck Nyhus
Shonella Lemer
Kevin Roller
Diana Raugust


The Original Leadership Team was a group of individuals who had been directly involved in the efforts to start Faith Lutheran Church since day one. Their role was to make sure the proper steps were being taken to establish this new Church. 

From left: Fritz Wohl, Pastor Fred Westerhold, Kathy Wohl, David Lautt, Denise Martin, Shane Sagert (President), Mavis Troftgruben, Dr. Chuck Nyhus (Vice President), Gary Troftgruben, Bob Flach.